Tubular Hell

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Have you ever been up really late in the evening watching TV and
some fitness infomercial comes on trying to convince you its product is
all you need to reach your fitness goals? This one rocks while you work
your abs, that one twists while you work your chest, and don't forget
the one that not only sculpts your abs but makes you a better salsa
dancer as well!

Don't get me wrong -- anything that gets
someone off the couch and moving is great. However, the equipment
needed doesn't have to be so "original" to produce results. One piece
of equipment I find does the job without relying on gimmicks is
exercise tubing. You know, the colored rubber tubes that have handles
on both ends.

The different colors represent different
intensity, yellow being the lightest, then green, red, and blue being
the heaviest. You can realistically work every muscle group on your
body with this simple piece of equipment. And the best thing . . . you
can take them anywhere! Here's one great exercise that works your
abductors (hip/outer thighs) and your biceps all in one shot!

Start off holding one handle of a green or red exercise tube in each
hand. Place both feet on the center of the tubing with your feet
pointed straight ahead, about three to four inches apart. Place your
hands on each hip so that the tubing is stretched tight. Stand straight
with your belly button pulled in, making sure not to bend forward at
the waist.

2. With your right foot, take a big step to the right, making sure to stay on the tube.

3. Next, bring your left foot in so that once again your feet are three to four inches apart.

4. Once there, do a bicep curl with your right arm. Make sure to control the tubing as you raise and lower the handle. Return your right hand to your right hip. One rep completed!

Repeat 12-15 times, then reverse, starting with your left foot and using your left arm for the bicep curls.

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Bobby_solorio_1A.C.E.- and N.A.S.M.-certified, Bobby Solorio has been personal training for over 10 years. You might recognize him from Bravo TV's "Kathy Griffin: My Life
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