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MightymightymastiffWhich celebrity does everybody say you look like?
I have been told frequently I look a lot like Seth Green although I personally think that anyone who says that fails to grasp the fact that I'm like a foot taller than he is! 

If you could date anyone famous, who would that be?
If I could date ANY celebrity it would HAVE to be Matt Damon, because I have been in love with him since the first time I ever saw him on screen in Dogma. Hes gorgeous, hes funny, he's rich, and from what I have heard he's nice so basically he's like the perfect guy, right?

Mightymightymastiff_1 Who was your first celebrity crush and why?

My friends all laugh at me when they find out the answer to this one. My very first celebrity crush was Amy Joe Johnson, who played Kimberly Hart on the original Power Rangers series. I was in 2nd grade when it came out and I fell in love with her. The crush lasted a few years, until I realized she didn't actually do it for me, then I fell in love with Jason David Frank, who played Dr. Thomas Oliver (aka Tommy) on the original Power Rangers. Yes, I was obsessed with Power Rangers for quite a while

Which celebrity would you give anything to see come out of the closet?

OMG! Dane Cook! Have you seen the man perform? Hes got to be gay! Besides, hes gorgeous! Every time I see him on stage I cant help but imagine him wrapping his arms around me and holding me forever.

In general, which are hotter -- singers, actors or dancers?
I love any of the above, but over all, Dancers are probably the hottest, because the very nature of the art requires them to be all toned and hot.

Mightymightymastiff_2 Who's your favorite diva and why?
Bernadette Peters. She has the most amazing voice and stage presence I have ever seen. Only Broadway fans will have any clue who she is, but anyone who has ever seen her has to admit that she is a phenomenal performer, and one of the greatest icons on the planet for Drag Queens to mimic.

If they made a movie about you, who would you want to star?

Im not sure. It would either be Matt Damon or Zac Efron. The problem I have in choosing is neither one is actually my age but Zac is closer to my age, and he is the younger of the two, so he might be my age by the time the movie was being produced, so lets go with him

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