My Belly Still Isn't Coming Off!


"Hey Bobby. I spend 15 min. warming up on the stair master, then I work out with free weights for about an hour, then 30 minutes on cardio then I'm done. I work out at least 3 to 4 times a week. But my belly is still not coming off fast enough! What should I do more of?"

First, how long have you CONSISTENTLY been doing this? Often times, people won’t see results for 6-8 weeks, depending on frequency and intensity of the workout.

Now concerning your workout, I love the fact that you spend 15 minutes warming up because it’s very important to get the heart pumping and the body warm before doing any kind of physical activity. Make sure you don’t over do it however, because you want to make sure that you have energy to lift weights.

Your weight training should focus on building muscle because muscle is what will help increase your metabolism even on days you don’t workout. Lift heavy enough weights that allow you to perform 8-12 repetitions. Once you can do 12 reps increase the weight.

Make sure you allow 48 hours rest between workouts of the same muscle group. So if you work chest on Monday you cannot work out chest until Wednesday at the earliest. A popular workout program is to do chest/triceps one day, back/biceps the next workout, legs the third day, and shoulders and calves the forth day. You do not have to workout four days in a row. In fact it would be wise to allow a day of rest between days 2 and 3.

Concerning cardio the more the better for losing that belly. So do 5-6 days of cardio training. I know, it’s boring but you will find that it will get you to lose that mid-section. I personally think the stair master is a great piece of cardio equipment and my personal favorite. I sweat the most on that piece of equipment, while saving my knees and hamstrings from pain that running on the treadmill tends to cause. Make sure your cardio training is intense enough to get that heart rate up (75-85% of your estimated maximal heart rate. To figure out your estimated maximal heart rate use this equation: 220-your age). Do that for a few weeks and then I would suggest adding 10-15 more minutes of cardio to each session.

Now no conversation regarding losing the belly can happen without talking about your nutrition. You can spend all your time in the gym but if you are eating nothing but crap you will not lose that gut. So, eat healthy. Cut out the sweets, white processed flour, and white rice. Eat protein with each meal and stay away from foods with unhealthy fats. Make sure to eat 5-6 times a day so that you keep your metabolism going. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!! Portion sizes should be small, about the size of your fist and eat off a small plate to ensure you don’t over eat (no going for seconds!).

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