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Who do you consider to be the hottest actor of all time and why?
Paul Newman. Real easy on the eyes (hello!) but also seemed like a kind soul.

Which celebrity does everybody say you look like?
Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck. Which is pretty cool to me! And flattering to boot.

If you could look like any celebrity, which celeb would that be?
I'm pretty happy with the way I look, but if I had to pick someone to look like I'd say either Brad Pitt in his earlier days or Colin Farrell.

Who was your first celebrity crush and why?
Brad Pitt. I was twelve years old and his star was on the rise. I always liked those clean-cut boy next door types.

Lussie1978_4 If you could choose two same-sex celebrities to be in a love scene, who would they be?
Chris Evans and Johnny Depp

Which female celeb would you switch teams for?

Mary Louise Parker for sure. Wouldn't think twice.

Which celebrity would you give anything to see come out of the closet?

Someone like Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman. One of the big leading men in Hollywood. I think it'd make a great statement and hopefully breakdown some misconceptions towards gay actors being taken seriously as the romantic lead or action star.

In general, which are hotter -- singers, actors or dancers?
Oh, God. Actors, although it's a hard call.

Who's your favorite diva and why?
Beyonce. She's the total package and a helluva performer. I admire her work ethic.

Lussie1978_1What is your favorite love song ever?
Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers

 Do you have any "guilty pleasure" songs?
Anything by Brittney Spears and one of Marlene Deitrich's songs called "The Boys in the Backroom".

What song(s) make you instantly think of sex?
The Promise by Ciara. First time I heard it was at a gay bar in Hell's Kitchen and I lost my mind it was so sexy.

Is there one song that makes you cry?
Not really, but if something catches me at the right time then the flood gates will open.

The last movie I cried at was: Mamma Mia! I'm such a sap.

The last movie I laughed out loud at was:
Baby Mamma

Lussie1978Who would you rather sleep with and WHY?
Zac Efron or Chase Crawford?
Chase Crawford, he seems less of a "good" boy than Efron.

Anderson Cooper or David Beckham?
David Beckham. I get a more intense feeling off of him

Lance Bass or Neil Patrick Harris?
Neil Patrick Harris. He's way cuter.

Taye Diggs or Christian Bale?

Can't I have both at once?

Lenny Kravitz or Danielle Radcliffe?
Lenny Kravitz. He seems like a wild one.

Hugh Jackman or Tom Ford?
Oh God, so hard. But I'd have to say Tom Ford, I've crushed on him longer.

Ryan Phillipe or Robert Gant?
Ryan Phillipe, I like shorter guys.

Lussie1978_3Mario Lopez or Gerard Butler?
Mario Lopez. I've fantasized about him from Saved by the Bell days. It'd be a dream come true.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Enrique Iglesias?
Enrique for a little Lating flavor. I'm sure he'd be muy passionate.

Rick Astley or George Michael?

I'd pass on both and go home alone.

Johnny Depp or Jake Gyllenhaal?
Jake Gyllenhaal. I loooooove him.

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