Be Proud

By: Bobby Solorio

81142980 It's that time of year again when across the country we celebrates gays and those who love them! Gay Pride fever is here. Parades, dance tents, beer gardens, barbecues and a sea of shirtless men (and some shirtless women) converge in local parks to celebrate the diversity of the gay community.

You may notice that pride in ones body is a big theme at these events. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having a good body takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve. But to those out there who don't feel comfortable taking their shirts off, I say you can still find pride in your body: even though you may not have the body of a fitness model.

I'm sure there are certain parts of your body that you find gets a good amount of attention. We all focus on the parts we hate, but turn it around and focus on the parts you like. Maybe it's your eyes, or your legs, or your hair; whatever it is, realize the good and be proud. Wear cool glasses to draw attention to those pretty peepers or put on a funky pair of shorts to show off those nice legs.

"Body Pride" doesn't only have to be about the exterior. If you are able to get up each morning and get through the day without any pain or sickness then say "Thank you" and take pride in the fact you have a healthy functional body. Use that healthy body to help those less fortunate by volunteering: deliver food with Project Angel Food, donate your time at a local animal shelter and walk the dogs, or sign up to stand at one of your favorite charity booths for Gay Pride. Giving of yourself is something to definitely be proud. Honestly, there is nothing better than that. O.k., a fierce set of abs might be nice ... but does that really further your life in any way?

Finally, for those of you who have dealt with an addiction and are in recovery, take pride in that! You have gained control of something that has tried to destroy you, and though it might be a constant battle, you are winning. Be proud that your story will help others who are going through what you have been through. I know that I am.

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A.C.E.- and N.A.S.M.-certified, Bobby Solorio has been personal training for over 10 years. You might recognize him from Bravo TV's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List," where he trains his now-A-list client. For more info check out Bobby's website. 

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