Fratmen Athletes To Appear On ESPN

By: admin

It's not often that mainstream media, especially mainstream sports
media, takes a story ripped from the gay porn headlines and plasters it
all over their own pages (or in this case, TV screens). But, for those
of you who have followed the somewhat hot, somewhat tragic, somewhat
ridiculous story of the two University of Nebraska wrestlers who were
kicked off the team last August after appearing, under pseudonyms
(because are any of the names porn "stars" use their real names?!), on
porn blog FratMen, get ready for a little more action.

On Sunday June 14, ESPN's show "Outside the Lines" will air an
interview with Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan, aka "Nash" and "Cal,"
discussing the situation that found them in a, um, sticky position. The
show digs into the story trying to uncover the reason for the athletes'
dismissal, which the school said was because they violated NCAA
regulations prohibiting anyone from making money off their place on the

In a clip being shown to preview the show Jordan said, "We didn't kill
anybody. We didn't put anybody in a hospital. We're not selling drugs.
We're not bad kids, you know ... I'm puttin' smiles on people's faces."
And boy did he ever. They both did. It was at one time they made people
smile simply by kicking people's asses on the wrestling mat (Donahoe
was nationally ranked No. 1 in his weight class, which he currently is
at his new school, Edinboro University. Suck that, Cornhuskers!).
Looking back at pictures prior to the scandal unfolding, they looked
like they made lots of people smile. Post controversy? A whole lot

What we want to know is this: if the guys were "undercover" (ok, they
weren't wearing masks or anything, but that would've be H-O-T!) and not
using their real names and even "Nash" listed as attending a school in
New England, were they really violating the NCAA regulations? And
really, who did this hurt? They needed money. They jerked off a bit.
Who cares?

Apparently ESPN does. And that's what makes us a little chippier over
here. Could this mark a new beginning for the sports world now that
they're tackling a gay-leaning controversy (even though the guys say they're straight -- and what's not to believe about that? Unless you're
in the heads of many gay men, then it's a different story altogether)?
Could things lighten up a bit in the lockerroom if one (or more) of the
players on whatever team might be gay? At this point, it's unlikely,
but it is great to see the biggest sports network doing their homework
and trying to get to the, um, bottom, of the situation. And if it were
up to us, we'd sweep this whole thing under the rug and wait for
Donahoe, his gorgeous face and his huge, um, muscles, to graduate and
hope he wants to make a little more money on the side.

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