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Danman86Tell us about your first relationship?

I haven't been in a significant relationship... I had a thing once, never evolved into a relationship and we both got hurt. Circumstances are a crazy thing!

Who was your first crush?

My first crush was when i was 16 and working a grocery store. I had a huge crush on this straight cashier, and I don't think he ever knew I was gay (I wasn't out yet). I would never say anything about it if I saw him again.

Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.

Mentally, I tend to like them witty and sarcastic, maybe even borderline asshole. At the same time, they have to know how to be romantic and sweet. Intelligence is a must too! Physically, I tend to like them big and stupid looking haha. I am actually pretty open physically, as long as you don't have the same eyebrows as my sister, orange fake-bake skin, or the physique of a 6 year old girl. I'm gay because I like manly men!

Danman86_1 What was your best date ever?

I was in NYC for the summer for an internship. I met this guy online, and our first date was the best ever. We walked around town, hung out in Union Square, went to Barnes and Noble and looked at books, went to a couple of bars and got drinks, and walked around some more. Then after spending the whole day together, we were a little tipsy and went looking for food together at around midnight holding each other. Then when he had to go, we sneaked into the subway station together and while we were waiting for his train, he pushed me against the wall and we made out, and not in a sluttatious way. It was very sweet. Then when the train came, he walked away from me slowly, looking at me and holding my hand, not wanting to let go. It felt like a movie!

What do you consider to be your favorite kind of date?

My favorite date would be dinner/drinks at a cool restaurant, followed by a hip coffee shop for dessert/coffee, then a movie and spooning.

Danman86_2 When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?

I'm actually still a virgin. Not by any means a prude, but certainly a virgin. I don't care about my virginity at all, but at the same time I'm not going to have sex with anyone unless I'm in a relationship for a minute. That's where I'm getting hung up!

What are you attracted to in a person that others might find surprising?

I'm attracted to guys with a little meat on their bones... just a little cushion, nothing crazy. It makes cuddling way better!

Danman86_3What's the worst thing about dating?

I'm attracted to guys who typically you can't tell are gay. Kind of hard to hit on/eyeball the cute guy at the coffee shop or gym when you don't know! I don't really scream gay either, so it's probably been mutual sometimes.

 What's the best thing about dating?

When someone gets to show you things you never would have gotten to see before (and I'm not talking about sexual things you lil' nasties!). Even if it's something small like a movie you would have never seen, or a new restaurant.

Do you tend to meet more people online or in bars?

Online... I don't typically go to gay bars, not really my thing. That and most of my friends are straight.

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