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MiniPirateIf you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Definitely the power of teleportation, so I could go anywhere in the world whenever I wanted, mostly to take pictures. I also think it would propel my sex life to legendary status

MiniPirate If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be and why? Which would your friends say you were?

In the mornings I would be 'grumpy' but most of the time I'd be 'happy' cause I tend to enjoy most things. My friends would probably say I'm 'sleepy' cause I yawn much more than normal, although I don't mind, as there was a study that said that overly empathetic people yawn more. :)

What is best about being gay in America?
The best thing about being gay in America is new york city, before NYC I lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts and all I ever got was dirty looks from dirty fishermen for my appearance. But here in the city in-stead of a freak, I'm a fashionista :)

MiniPirate What's the worst thing about being gay in America?
 Gloucester Massachusetts, haha I jest. Well I suppose the worst part of being gay in America is ignorant people and trust fund babies, ignorant and spoiled people never metamorph into decent people, I feel they always stay that way or get worse. but I guess there are people like that everywhere in the world...

Name one thing you simply couldn't live without.
My lovely Nikon D60 and my Cannon Speedlight 580EX II, I know that sounds like two things, but they are lovers and they belong together. If I ever lost either one id be crushed

MiniPirate If you could travel in time, would you go forward or back and why?
Back! I often fantasize about being able to re-live my life with the wisdom I have now, it would be so much easier to manipulate people to get what I want, not that I wasn't good at it already :)

If you could choose different parents, would you?
Yes and no. Yes because now that I'm older it would be nice to have parents to communicate with. but the hardships my parents put me through made me who I am today, and I'd much rather be a diamond in the rough than another brick in the wall.

Which would you rather be and why -- unbelievably attractive and poor, or hideously ugly and rich?
Well fortunately I don't have to decide :) don't mistake me for cocky, but I have always been poor and attractive

If you could go back in time and "choose" to be straight, would you and why?
No way! I grew up in foster homes and group homes, the best part was the bi-curious boys i got to play with :P I've always always been out of the closet, and countless guys would come to me cause they just wanted to tell someone the truth, among other things ;)

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