Celebrities Answer Your Dating Questions!

By: Gay.com

If you have a question about dating that you desperately need answered, open it up the PlanetOut Dating Panel!  This feature's gotten so popular, even celebs want to get in on it. Don't forget to suggest a celebrity to answer your question.  We'll see if we can make it happen. 

Brad Rowe

Brad Rowe And The Shy Guy

The Shelter star gives advice to a guy who writes, "I smile like a buffoon and look in the other direction and/or flee the scene like a flirting hit-and-run."

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho On Promiscuity

What do you do when your dating a guy who's been around the block more than a few times? The gay-loving comedy star has a little advice to share.

Michale Musto

Michael Musto On Psychos!

The Village Voice gossip columnist and book author looks into the mind of a psycho and tries to extract some sense.
Jim Verraros

Jim Verraros On Restroom Romances

The star of "American Idol" and the "Eating Out" movies pulled an extra-hot question from one of our readers.

Colton Ford

Colton Ford And Two Of A Kind

Singer, actor and porn star Colton Ford tackles the sticky subject of what to do when two guys like to take the same position on a most important matter.


Moby On Howard Stern Obsessions

International recording star Moby tries to help a couple that's having a three-way with Howard Stern.