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Tell us about your first relationship? How long did it last? Whose heart got broken, if anyone's?
My first relationship was my best and worst. I was 15 and he was 21, we dated for 3 years, he was good with my family, his parents loved me as well. Everything was picture perfect then he cheated on me with a girl. Till this day I don't think I will ever forget him 3 years we never had sex, something was keeping us together, it could have possibly been true love...

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? Tell us about it!
My life has thrown me a lot of curve balls I'm a gay men who only gets hit on by girls, and if by chance, there's a guy into me, I'm not into him... On to my answer every guy I dated has broken my heart I've only dated 3 guys but that's 3 times I had to pick up the pieces and mend it myself. One thing that I find funny and true about every relationship I've had its that guys are total idiots, right when I think I'm ready to have sex they cheat on me.. Yes I'm a virgin but I'm no longer looking for my knight and shinning armor, to come rescue me, I gave up on him a long time ago, I just want to feel loved, I wanna feel like I'm important, that the first time I have sex has to be meaningful, people say you never forget it so I wanted it to be somewhat memorable... is that too much to ask.

Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.
I don't really have a type, as long as you can hold a conversation, and keep me intrigued that's all I ask for... But theatrically I'm tall so in order for me to have a convo with you, you should be tall, lol. You should speak Spanish/Italian again this is all for the conversation, this is not me being picky.

Dragonboy_16_1 What was your best date ever?
I'm not much for dating, I'm a homebody even-though I'm from New York I still like simple things... My last date was pretty interesting... I'm currently living in Okinawa, Japan I'm a United States Sailor... I went on a date with a Veterinarian he didn't really invite me, he said he had an errand to run and I kinda said I would tag along (it was my day off I was bored) turns out it wasn't his day off. he took me north of the island to this barn/village place where there was some kinda sick cow, as it turns out the cow was in labor and the cow needed assistance and he delivered it in front of me, as I helped. So I know cows calving might not be very exciting to some, but I got to see a man who was dedicated to his job bare down not caring about anything, just a bout that life of that cow... I must admit it was gross every part of it was gross.. But it was amazing and its own little way...

When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?
To me sex is never in the agenda, could be the reason I think I'm probably never gonna have sex. I'm Chaste by choice; I want them to fall in love with what's in my heart before what's in my pants...

What's the worst thing about dating?
I think you just answered your own question. I don't think people actually want to be alone, I don't wanna have to date, I just wanna find somebody and be happy. Dating involves drama, certain expectations, and honestly who really has time for that...

What's the best line someone's given you and did it work?
I'm not exactly sure if this is a pick up line but it's what he used. Now be warned I'm a Hispanic male, and a white redhead Irish man approached me... I was at a bar in Philadelphia with a group of friends seated in a booth and I was seated in the end, He walked up, sat directly across from me and said "baby I been waiting for you" it took me back he didn't say it as a pick up line, he said this as if he were actually waiting for me, like if he knew me, I gave him a weird look. He then said "Oh I'm sorry I thought you were someone else" I said its ok... my friends were all laughing and saying things like "Anthony's attracting white boys" and other stupid things like that.. I then told him I'm sorry that my friends are so retarded... his next line was "Friends? What friends? You're beautiful, Is it ok if I buy you a drink?" I started to blush, he then took me to the bar and we talked all night, he was a perfect gentleman... his tactics might have been questionable but hey it worked on me lol...

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