Simon Minus The "Moobies"


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as he answers our Fitness questions.

Your body type most resembles Randy, Paula or Simon?
Simon minus the moobies.

How long have you been exercising seriously?
About seven years now.

How fit do you consider yourself?
Fairly fit. I have participated in 5k runs and done martial arts for at least ten years.

What do you do to stay/get fit?
Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and enjoy life. I also stay away from smoking, binge drinking, and excessive stress.

When were you in the best shape of your life?
Since 2002 when I started taking my health seriously.

EdwardTroia_1 What do you think about the gym/gym culture?
The thing is, I am not aware of the gym culture. I focus on what I need to do. When some hot eye candy walks by, I glance and then go back to my workout.

What's your favorite body part on yourself? How do you target it?
My upper body. I alternate swimming, weight lifting, and running. Plus, eating well also helps.

What's your least favorite? How do you target it?
My chubby cheeks....(not my ass cheeks!) but it's genetic. Besides, my husband loves them.

What is your ideal weight?

Supposedly 150lbs...but I don't look at numbers. I gauge my success on what my doctor says and how my clothes fit.

 What's your workout secret?
Consistency, dedication, and good music when running.

Are you going for long and lean or big and buff?
Neither. I let my body decide if it's meant to be long and lean or big and buff.

EdwardTroia_3What is your diet secret? Tell us what you eat on a regular basis.
Plenty of home made vegetable soup courtesy of my husband and lots of fresh foods. We cook our meals so we know exactly what goes in it. I haven't stepped into a McDonald's in years!

What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
Pizza, fish and chips with beer or cider.

 What do you wear to the gym? Is it important?
When I'm running, I wear shorts so I don't overheat and dehydrate. If I'm running, I wear sleeveless shirts so I can get more ventilation. When I'm lifting weights, I also wear sleeveless shirts so I can be secretly vain.

Have you ever injured yourself? How did you get past that?
While practicing martial arts, one of the guys landed on my shoulder and I couldn't lift it up for days. Rest and light training helped.

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