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Tell us about your first relationship? How long did it last? Whose heart got broken, if anyone's?

My First relationship lasted 6 months with a pathological liar. By the end of it I was a bit jaded and pissed off but not heart broken.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? Tell us about it!

Not yet but I'm hoping maybe that special someone can finally do that. I've come close but it was long distance so I knew that would never last... fun while it did though.

Fenn_4 Who was your first crush? If you're no longer with that person, what would you say to that person now, if you could?

My first crush was on one of my high school Gym teachers... if I saw him now I'd say I was really sorry for what happened but I needed to pass English and the linguistics teacher meant nothing to me. Or the reverse If I saw the linguistics teacher again.

Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.

Smart people who haven't allowed their above average IQ socially alienate them from the rest of society. That's not to say they can't be a bit of a loner, having your own style is a plus but interpersonally mentally challenged (socially retarded) isn't a desired trait. Oh and everyone loves a firecrotch.

What was your best date ever?

I once met some one offline in NYC for a weekend. I think that should qualify.

 What do you consider to be your favorite kind of date?

One that doesn't end in sex. If it ends in sex it probably means I just wanted to make sure you weren't ridiculously good in bed before not answering the phone when you called. If they are ridiculously good, fuck buddies are a possibility. But an adventurous date is the most fun.

Fenn_3When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?

10 seconds before I greet some one I picture them naked at 5 seconds I picture sex with them and when I introduce myself I picture screening my calls or them not picking up... the bastard.

What are you attracted to in a person that others might find surprising?

Small penises. I am not a fan of the huge cock. I mean I'm not talking microscopic here but average to 4" is kinda cute and way more useful to me. And everyone still loves a firecrotch.

 What's the worst thing about dating?

So far discovering that your into the guy and he's not into you or visa versa. Stupid Murphy's law.

What's the best thing about dating?

Generally getting to know some one. Hopefully finding out they aren't actually a girl who thougth you were an attractive boy dyke. Why does that keep happening? WHY!?!

Fenn_2What's the cheesiest pick-up line you've used ... that's worked?

I only use cheesy pickup lines. The following work:

- They should rearrange the alphabet so you and I ....can F@#K

- Nice choes wanna F@#K? (this works even better in french and they speak english).

- Let's not turn this rape into a murder.

What's the best line someone's given you and did it work?

- My boyfriend's at work.

- No it cleared up.

- Just shove it in.

What's the worst line you've gotten?

Some one's actually asked me "what's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this" ... "A nice guy like me" have you seen me? Seriously?

Do you tend to meet more people online or in bars?

I met some one who was on his computer at a bar once. I think that should get me extra credit.

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