"A Guy With Big Ears Is Cute!!!"

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Tell us about your first relationship? How long did it last? Whose heart got broken, if anyone's?
My First Relationship was a total and utter train wreck. I was 18 I met him through a friend of mine we dated for only 3 months and he left me for a 43 year old man a month after taking my virginity while i had the chicken pox for the first time from watching his friends kids who had them!!

Have you ever gotten your heart broken?
The worst heartbreak I've had is when the man I've loved more then anyone else in my life kicked me out. We were only together for a year and just out of the blue he woke up kicked me out and it was over it was such a shock I felt like i was worthless I still don't know for sure to this day why it happened but it made me a stronger person

Slayer7879_1Who was your first crush? If you're no longer with that person, what would you say to that person now, if you could?
My first crush was my best friend in kindergarten. Stephen he was blond blue eyed a beautiful boy and I spent all my waking time with him and I never realized i had a crush on him till I got older. If I saw him now I would just hug him and thank him for being a true friend and tell him how much Ive missed him.

Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.
I'm attracted to men with dark hair dark eyes and usually beefy guys I don't like skinny guys they do nothing for me nice smile and lips and sweet guys and a good sense of humor is a quality I love a guy who can make me laugh.

What was your best date ever?
Sadly enough I have been out of good dates where I've really vibed with a guy and all that but Ive never been out on a date where its been so amazing that I can actually remember it I've never had a memorable date.

Slayer7879What do you consider to be your favorite kind of date?
I'm all about the romance. I want something romantic whether it is dinner by candlelight or a walk in the park with a picnic. I like intimate settings where we can get to know one another and spend time together. My dream date would be the picnic idea and then afterward sit in his arms and watch the sunset together that would be the ultimate for me as I said I'm a sucker for romance

 When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?
Depends on who I'm with I don't really try to put a time limit on it its just when it feels right for the both of us it will happen

What are you attracted to in a person that others might find surprising?
Well I like big guys and I'm not talking muscular i like a man that looks like he has had a few meals lol and I like big ears I don't know why I just think a guy with big ears is cute!!!

Slayer7879_2What's the worst thing about dating?
All the lame dates that you go onto and they go horribly wrong and they make you think why did i even bother i could have sat home with a tub of Reeses peanut butter ice cream watching chick flicks and had a better time then this. LOL

What's the best thing about dating?
The best thing about dating is finding that one person that really gets you. How on the first date it's like you have known them forever. Also Ive met most of my friends that way as well we have went on a date and just ended up being the best of friends

 Are you the usually the dumper or the dumpee?
I'm definitely the dumpee...not that I'm innocent i have dumped guys I've dated but as far as my serious relationships I am always the one that gets dumped

What's the cheesiest pick-up line you've used ... that's worked?
He he I have never used a pick up line. But i like "Baby are you tired"? "Cause you have been running through my mind all night"! LOL i love that one!!

Slayer7879_3What's the best line someone's given you and did it work?
"Baby if this was a meat market, you would be prime rib"!! and sadly enough yes it did and we were together for 4 years!!!!

What's the worst line you've gotten?
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

Do you tend to meet more people online or in bars?
I am very shy in person especially when I'm around a guy I like so i tend to meet more guys online cuz in person i get all tongue tied and not sure what to say.

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