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Tell us about your first relationship? How long did it last? Whose heart got broken, if anyone's?
It was more than a fairy tale I would say. I knew the guy (Alvin Franco) back in college, and he works as a Medical Representative. We met at my friend's coffe shop where I always hang out when I have no class. I was 17 and he was 24 at that time of May 6th of 1999. It was a smile that got us together, I guess. It was a companionship I never thought would last, especially when my family found out about it. So I was grounded and was not allowed to attend my classes. Until he came to my house after a week with his parents with him. From there, things have changed for us, I most of the time sleeps in their home because he wanted to conduct me and pick me up after school. And sometimes he would stay a week at home. Our relationship lasted from June 12, 1999 (my birthday) through May 26th of 2003 (his death) caused by a car accident.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken?
It was my heart who definitely got broken, screaming inside my head and my heart not so good and can't think of better ways to have him stay, after he told me that someday he'll have to die. If I were superman at that time, I could have crampled the hospital bed like a soda can. The difficulty of seeing him in agony is what I cannot take, but I was just beside him in his 4 days stay in the hospital. I knew I had to be strong, but his death sent me to darkness for 2 years. Where in these 2 years, I learned nothing but work 'till death, overtimes, trying to think things that would make me busy, but during offs from work I just can't help but remember the 5 wonderful years. I became suicidal thinking it will be the best way to get to him. I suffered great from my lost.

Who was your first crush? If you're no longer with that person, what would you say to that person now, if you could?
My first crush, is the only person I loved and spent nights for 5 years, Alvin. Reality is he's no longer with me, but if given to have him back, I would tell him to take me with him. Because I don't want to be alone.

Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.
I am not a picky person, infact Alvin's a Filipino-Chinese. And after his death I found myself always around Filipino-Chinese too. Hahaha! I do not know why, but I myself finds this also strange. Or maybe I just missed him very badly.

What was your best date ever?
It was during our first anniversary of June 12th 2000, when he brought me back to the place where he asked me to take his hands and travel life with him.

What do you consider to be your favorite kind of date?
Every date with Alvin was a special one. Never too boring and never too noisy. But if this one is for me, I would say the same thing - somewhere not boring and noisy.

Sweetest_devil_1 When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?
I think sex is very important in every dates. But I don't consider sex on the first night, I always consider it on the second night. Hahahah! But really, it doesn't matter, after all in today's world I don't think most are into character of a person rather to the performance.

What's the worst thing about dating?
When my boyfriend says he'll meet me at 3pm and I arrive 5 or 6pm. Hahahaha! See, I spend a lot of time in the wash room, and finding the right clothes to wear. Of course, because it's a date. Hahahah!

What's the best thing about dating?
It is the time that you get the chance to know the person, sharing laughs, interests, and many more; see I don't believe that opposite attracks. Sometimes, it is just that we are so hooked up with this "LOVE" word that our eyes only sees what our heart wants to see in the person. See, if this happens then I think it's the best thing.

Are you the usually the dumper or the dumpee?
I am usually the dumper. I know my limitations, and what I hate most are dominant person in the relationship, because I am always right. If you are the dominant type and you happen to be dating with me, I am sorry you will be no longer be entertained, although your phone number stays in my contacts. Hahahah! But if you go beyond, I will make the person sorry.

What's the cheesiest pick-up line you've used ... that's worked?
This line always works for me in the bars, when someone stares at me and I am certain he stares at me ONLY. I get up to that person and tells him "Were you just staring at me? Why? Am I your type?" Usually men here in Philippines are threatened silent by this line, and so I have a follow up line for that, "It does not matter though, you are my type", and brings him in one corner. ONLY, if he is really my type. Hahahah!

What's the best line someone's given you and did it work?
Have not encountered any so far. Usually men here just say Hi, Can I borrow some lights?, or they will try to make a body contact, or gestures.

What's the worst line you've gotten?
Worst line, when someone is showing off after one second from where he began in the introduction. Example: Hi there hottie, my name is John, I can bring you home to my mansion. I mean, so what? Right?

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