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Who do you consider to be the hottest actor of all time and why?

Channing Tatum. He's got that bad boy with a heart of gold quality that drew me in "Step Up!"

If you could look like any celebrity, which celeb would that be?
Brad Pitt...even straight guys have crushes on him.

If you could date anyone famous, who would that be?
Leonardo DiCaprio. He just seems really laid-back plus he cares about the environment a lot.

Who was your first celebrity crush and why?
Matt School Ties he showed his butt.

If you could choose two same-sex celebrities to be in a love scene, who would they be?
Me (I'm a celeb in my own head) and Channing Tatum

Which female celeb would you switch teams for?
Angelina Jolie. Holy hotness batman.

Naomi Campbell Doquincy76 Which celebrity does everybody say you look like?
A male version of Naomi Campbell or Wayne Brady.

Which celebrity would you give anything to see come out of the closet?
Tom Cruise...just so I can say I TOLD YOU SO!

In general, which are hotter -- singers, actors or dancers?
Singers...some can act and dance.

Who's your favorite diva and why?

Whitney all the way.

Doquincy76_3 What is your favorite love song ever?
Smack into You by Beyonce and I Hate This Part by Pussycat Dolls

Do you have any "guilty pleasure" songs?
Single Ladies STILL and Day N Nite by Kid Cudi

What song(s) make you instantly think of sex?
Anything by Maroon 5...but cuz Adam Levine is sexy not I wanna have sex with him necessarily.

Is there one song that makes you cry?
Flaws and All by Beyonce! YouTube her performance on Ellen. She is talking about Jay-z and starts crying while she's singing...amazing.

The last movie I cried at was ______.
Up! 3D...don't judge.

The last movie I laughed out loud at was ______.


If they made a movie about you, who would you want to star?

Me. I wanna be an actor and pitch myself LOL

Which rock star(s) are you most attracted to?

I would marry Jon McLaughlin (singer/songwriter) and the lead singer of Lifehouse.

Doquincy76_4 Who would you rather sleep with and WHY?
I'm like a chick I don't often look at guys and seriously consider them sexually it's more "oh he'd be a good boyfriend."

Zac Efron or Chase Crawford?
Chase Crawford seems like he's more relationship oriented...and he's more manly of the two LOL

Anderson Cooper or David Beckham?
Anderson because he seems like the type who wouldn't check himself in the mirror 4 times before leaving the house.

Prince William or Prince Harry?
Wills. Harry is too wild.

Lance Bass or Neil Patrick Harris?

NPH...He's still Doogie to me.

George Bush or Anne Coulter?

I'll take George P. Bush for the win!

Taye Diggs or Christian Bale?
Christian Bale...he'd hump me like he did in American Psycho then curse at me for walking in his eyeline. It'd be hot.

Lenny Kravitz or Danielle Radcliffe?
Can't get outta this one...ummmmm eenie meenie minee mo...ugh Harry Potter I mean Daniel Rad...wait who's Danielle Radcliffe?

Hugh Jackman or Tom Ford?
Hugh Jackman all the way. He's husband material.

Ryan Phillipe or Robert Gant?

Robert Gant...if he's anything like Teacher Ben in real life I'm sold.

Mario Lopez or Gerard Butler?
Gerard. Mario cheated on his fiancee at his bachelor party with a stripper um nah.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Enrique Iglesias?
Enrique...he can sing to me.

Rick Astley or George Michael?
Rick...George is a freak.

Johnny Depp or Jake Gyllenhaal?
Jake...even though he bottomed for Heath I'll make him a top! Johnny's too dirty.

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