I Could Never Live Without My Glasses!

By: Gay.com

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as he answers our Grab Bag questions.

**** If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I would want to have the power to control time and move through it, because it would allow me to tweak the circumstances of events. Everyone has something they wish, with hindsight, had turned out a bit different; I would want the ability to do something about it.

**** If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be and why? Which would your friends say you were?
I would probably be Grouchy, because I can be quite grouchy. Of course, when it comes to Disney fairy-tales, I prefer to root for the villains. Go, Evil Queen! Poison that yucky princess!

**** What is best about being gay in America?
The best thing about being gay in America is the freedom of expression we receive as Americans. It allows us to be exactly who we are and be vocal about it; allowing us to scream from the rooftops that we are gay if we chose to, or not if we don’t. It even allows us to tell those who are screaming it for all to hear to shut-up; and them to tell us to stick a pickle in our nose when we do.

**** What's the worst thing about being gay in America?
The worst thing about being gay in America is that every American Gay, Lesbian and whatever must still struggle with inequality and an absence of many civil rights others take for granted. The lack of understanding by those who don’t support the issue either way, continues to try to force us all back into the closet while those opposed cloud the issue with irrelevant dogma and a bias outlook.

**** Name one thing you simply couldn't live without.
I could never live without my glasses! I’ve had them since I was two years old. I need them to read, which I do a lot of. Without my glasses everything is blurred and fuzzy; as an artist I’m a very visual person, I couldn’t stand it. Taking my glasses away would be like taking someone else’s arm, they’re part of me.

**** If you could travel in time, would you go forward or back and why?

I would go back… way back. I’m just the type of person that would flourish in an earlier setting. I wouldn’t want to stay if I couldn’t figure out a way to take my glasses and I would miss indoor plumbing -- a lot… but I love history and would love to experience those things I’ve only read about.

**** If you could choose different parents, would you?
Never! I might want to tweak the circumstances but I’d never replace my parents. They did their best and they did it well. Besides, I love them; how could I ever give them up? They made me who I am; I wouldn’t be me without them.

**** Which would you rather be and why -- unbelievably attractive and poor, or hideously ugly and rich?

Umm…. It’s not exactly a trick question is it? If you’re unbelievably attractive you just marry the hideously ugly rich guy when he’s 106 with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel while you’re still young and vital and make sure you’re the sole heir. Then, you’re unbelievably attractive, rich and free to follow your bliss and the ugly old rich guy got to enjoy having an unbelievably attractive spouse to make him happy at the end of his life. Everyone wins!

**** If you could go back in time and "choose" to be straight, would you and why?
Absolutely not! I like who I am, thank you very much! Besides, I’ve never known anything else; to me, being straight is not a desirable state. I’ve always viewed straight people as the strange ones, not me.