Who wouldn't want to fly?

By: Gay.com

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If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Who wouldn't want to fly? I mean, come on. Haven't you had those dreams where you're flying and you wake up and you're like: "Awe man, that was so awesome. I felt so free." It's like what I would imagine being on drugs is like (I say imagine since I've never done any.) Of course a runner up to that power would be "super strength." It sure would make vacuuming under the sofa easier, right? But then again, I'd be the person everyone called when they were moving. Hmmm...maybe I'll rethink my runner up choice.

If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be and why? Which would your friends say you were?
Let's see...who are they again? Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Sneezy, Dopey & Bashful. (I just googled that answer.) I'm a half breed of Sleepy & Happy. Throw in Sneezy these last 3 weeks due to allergy season.

What is best about being gay in America?
The best thing about being gay in America is, in certain areas of certain major cities, there is a freedom that other countries don't afford their LGBT citizens. The freedom to walk down the street holding hands and/or kissing your significant other is, again in some places, not even looked at twice. While our country has a ways to go in order to provide equal rights to all - specifically the LGBT community - we have come a long way since Stonewall. I'm very proud of the community for that. And I'm very proud of a big percentage of Americans that support the LGBT struggle and life.


What's the worst thing about being gay in America?
The vast right wing Republicans and the hypocritical religious groups. The idea that church and state are being seen as the same with regard to gay marriage in America in outrageous and appalling. Keep them separate as they should be. If that can be done we might be able to see some stride with regard to the legalization of gay marriage in our country.

One more thing, here's what I'd like to suggest regarding marriage: for every heterosexual divorce that is granted a homosexual marriage be granted. It's an idea I had about the idea that heterosexual marriage is so much more sacred than any homosexual marriage would be. I think this could even things out.

Name one thing you simply couldn't live without.
Hope. Being hopeful keeps me motivated in all areas of my life: professionally, personally, emotionally, politically, etc.

If you could choose different parents, would you?
Here's the thing, I wouldn't choose different parents however I would choose different paths for them. Knowing what I know about them both I would like to assign them different careers. I think they both would have been better off...happier perhaps. I don't want anything different because of it, just them to be happy/happier.


Which would you rather be and why -- unbelievably attractive and poor, or hideously ugly and rich?
This is a bit of a shallow question, isn't it? I think it puts too much emphasis on two things in our culture that we as a society have an unhealthy obsession with: looks and money. The pursuit and/or absence of either can drive people crazy. Or worse yet to do things that are harmful to themselves or other people. We need to focus on making ourselves happy and content. We need to focus on redefining beauty as not just what someone looks like on the outside but what a person offers altogether.

If you could go back in time and "choose" to be straight, would you and why?
Life does seem to be a bit easier for straight people, doesn't it? But what if we lived in a world where everyone was accepted regardless of their sexuality? Life wouldn't be easier or harder for straight or gays. Life would be life. The question suggests that there was a choice to be made. I am the way God made me. That's the truth. No choices had to be made. I'm living my life as it was intended to be lived...and happily so I may add. Sure, things can be easier but choosing to be straight wouldn't make anything easier. It's up to us as a nation to do the things, change things to make life easier...well, not necessarily easier but rather - better and equal for all.

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