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Which political figure throughout history do you admire most and why?
Ronald Reagan, without his vision of a stronger US and military I don't believe we could have ever overcome the cold war era.

Are gay rights more important than other political issues to you personally?
Nope, I believe we as a people and a country have far more weighing issues to be selfish and worry about gay rights.  There is a time for all and when it's our time things will be accepted and changed.

If you loved everything about a candidate and then found out he or she opposed same-sex marriage, would you still support that person?
Absolutely, how one supports a candidate or issue not always falls within ones own parameters and either alliances or concessions must be made.

If you could ask a political candidate anything, what would it be and to whom?

Hilary Clinton, I would like to know what her views on how to deal, control and break American dependency on oil.

Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote?

My own, I don't get swayed by propaganda, media or peer pressure.  I have to live with my own decisions.

Who has been your favorite presidential candidate since you've been alive?

Hilary Clinton

Smperfi1 What is the biggest problem facing our country right now?
Affordable health care

Do you believe your vote counts?
Yes, one voice can carry a lot of weight.  If people believe their vote doesn't count then they deserve what they end up with.

Should a national health care system be created?
I'm not sure a "National" health care system would work.  To many greedy lobbyists, medical organizations and drug companies.  It would be like fighting the Unions to cut pay and benefits for overpayed workers.

Which is scarier to you and why -- Terrorists, criminals, global warming, the IRS, our own government or something else?

The IRS, this organization continually goes unchecked, they don't belong to any governing power except for themselves.  

If you knew you could win, would you be president?
Negative, although I do respect the man or woman who takes the challenge.  I value my sanity above all else.

What political party do you most associate yourself with?


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