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"I was new to New York in 1974. At 24, I should have been sowing wild oats (okay, I was). But, I was looking for Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now. So, I was dating two or three guys at the time and one of them wanted to go out dancing. We went to the Galaxy 21 on 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue (south side of the street near the Chelsea Hotel).

It was 4 floors (plus the basement) of debauchery…YEAH!!! The entrance floor had the bar and dancing. The second floor had another bar, bathrooms, and a lounge. The third floor had sex movies (gay & straight). The fourth floor had live entertainment (that night was Gloria Gaynor). I’ll leave the basement for you to decipher....

52239520 Anyway, my friend and I went exploring and wound up on the third floor. There was a straight movie on. We were watching it when I felt a presence behind me. He looked like Carlos Santana (OH BABY!!). My heart jumped. But, I was there with someone. What to do? He asked me for a light, I gave it to him and turned back to the movie. My friend had jumped up onto the rafter and made himself comfortable. I looked at the screen. MY GOD-- I recognized a girl in the movie! We had been in a dance company in San Francisco and she would often take trips to L.A. (supposedly to see her boyfriend... Apparently not!)

87225120 Anyway, I could not watch this movie…Eek gads. So, I told my friend I would wait on the landing. No sooner did I get there when “Carlos” followed me. He said that he could not let me go without meeting me. We started chatting and somehow we started playfully wrestling, there on the landing, almost having sex but with our clothes on.

After about a half-an-hour, up the stairs came a news crew to interview Gloria. When the reporter spotted us, he asked if he could film us. I was embarrassed and said no! He said they would be with Gloria for about an hour and if I might reconsider, so I said I would. Well, he said that he would honor my feelings and we should get out of there. We did and went out to Rockaway Beach in February. It was crazy wonderful.

P.S. we spent 30 years together."

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