CripThespian's Q&A: A Thing for Older Men & Cary Grant


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Who do you consider to be the hottest actor of all time and why?
Cary Grant, he is SO Charming!!!  and I like tall dark and handsome

Which celebrity does everybody say you look like?
no one really

If you could look like any celebrity, which celeb would that be?
Cary Grant

If you could date anyone famous, who would that be?
Cary Grant, or if someone current, Hugh Jackman

Who was your first celebrity crush and why?
Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek the next generation.  I was five, had a thing for older men, still do, so yeah.


If you could choose two same-sex celebrities to be in a love scene, who would they be?
Mel Gibson and Hugh Jackman

Which female celeb would you switch teams for?

Kirsten Dunst or Debra Messing

Which celebrity would you give anything to see come out of the closet? Daniel Radcliffe cause I'd be proposing

In general, which are hotter -- singers, actors or dancers?
Dancers because they are more flexible

Who's your favorite diva and why?
Celine Dion because of her great vocals and ballads

What is your favorite love song(s) ever?
Old: Total Eclipse of the Heart New: Here in your Arms

Do you have any "guilty pleasure" songs?
Girls just wanna have fun

What song(s) make you instantly think of sex?
Love game by Lady Gaga

Crip1 Is there one song that makes you cry?
MANY!!!  Um...."My Heart will go on"

The last movie I cried at was ______.
My Sister's Keeper

The last movie I laughed out loud at was ______.

If they made a movie about you, who would you want to star?
Seth Green

Which rock star(s) are you most attracted to?
Ha ha I will die for this....Bono

Who would you rather sleep with and WHY?
Anderson Cooper or David Beckham? ANDERSON COOPER!!!  SILVER FOX!  Woof!
Prince William or Prince Harry? meh
Lance Bass or Neil Patrick Harris? You're kidding, right?
George Bush or Anne Coulter? HA HA HA HA HA....ahem...Bush
Taye Diggs or Christian Bale? Christian Bale, he's THE BATMAN, damn you!  LOL
Lenny Kravitz or Danielle Radcliffe?  Daniel Radcliffe!!  HOTTT
Hugh Jackman or Tom Ford? Who's tom ford?  LOL
Mario Lopez or Gerard Butler? Gerard Bulter...Phantom!!!!
Johnny Depp or Jake Gyllenhaal?  Depp...Gyllenhaal is ugly

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