Tres_Vermillion's Q&A: Dream Love Scene = Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart


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Who do you consider to be the hottest actor of all time and why?
Kevin Bacon has been good looking throughout his career.

Which celebrity does everybody say you look like?
Sinbad--height and body type

If you could look like any celebrity, which celeb would that be?

 Sting--cute, perfect size, great voice

If you could date anyone famous, who would that be?
I think it would be fun to date Norm Abram--he's cute, seems stable, and can make all kinds of furniture

Who was your first celebrity crush and why?

Dary! Dragon--shag thick hairy chest!

If you could choose two same-sex celebrities to be in a love scene, who would they be?
Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart

Which female celeb would you switch teams for?

Which celebrity would you give anything to see come out of the closet?
A major sports figure, armed services figure, or thug rap artist

In general, which are hotter -- singers, actors or dancers?

Who's your favorite diva and why?
Barbra Streisand--Voice, voice, voice

What is your favorite love song ever? (Can be more than one)
"My Old Man" by Joni Mitchell

Verm2 Do you have any "guilty pleasure" songs?
African American Gospel

What song(s) make you instantly think of sex?
Opening lyrics to "Computer Blue" (Wendy?  Yes Lisa?  Is the water warm enough?  Yes Lisa.  Shall we begin?  Yes Lisa."

Is there one song that makes you cry?
"Cry" by Godley and Creme

The last movie I cried at was ______.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Dumbledor's death)

The last movie I laughed out loud at was ______.
Kung Fu Hustle (I know it's a little old, but I only just watched it)

If they made a movie about you, who would you want to star?
Chuck Knipp (a.k.a. Betty Butterfield)

Which rock star(s) are you most attracted to?
Sting, Marky Mark (back in his underwear days), Anthony Kiedis and Flea (RHCPs)

Who would you rather sleep with and WHY?
Anderson Cooper--He has it all; looks, brains; personality; career; money

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