Are You A Hot Commodity?


Ladies and Gents:

If you could date anyone famous, who would you choose? 

What song instantly makes you think of gettin' it on?

What's your favorite part of your body?

What is the biggest problem facing our country right now?

When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?

If you've got the time to answer a few fun questions -- you may be a Hot Commodity and not even know it.

Welcome to Hot Commodity, where we ask you to answer questions in
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Bag. Whether you're a film-buff, fashionista or a fitness freak, it's pretty much all about you!

If you're a Hot Commodity, we'll run your answers -- along with your
photos -- for all to see. It's a simple and sexy way to see what you have in common with other LGBT individuals and maybe meet someone hot!

Check out other Hot Commodities  to get an idea of how you'd look if your Q&A gets featured.

If you want to be a Hot Commodity too, it's fast, fun and free! All it takes is a couple clicks: choose one (or ALL) of the questionnaires below and follow the simple directions to send it in to Planet Out editors with a few of your sexiest pics.

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