Lesbian Ink: If You Got It, Flaunt It!

By: Gay.com

"One word... SEXY!!!"

"A white trash affectation."

"Hottest thing in the world."

Seems like one story touched a nerve with a lot of folks! With few exceptions everyone had very clear views on the subject. 

And just what got everyone all worked up? 


That's right, the idea of some body art got many of you talking and the majority of people were starkly divided on the subject.  (For those of you who hate them you may want to stop reading now.)

Not only did we receive numerous comments to the story but we also had a few of you sending us pics of your tattoos.  Since a large number of you LOVE them we thought we would open it up to all who wanted to share their tats with the rest of us. 

If you have a great tattoo and want to show it off, send us a photo, along with your gay.com member name, to [email protected].

We know most people have a reason for getting one so we'd love to hear the story of why you got your tattoo but please keep it 250 words or less.   

We asked over on gay.com and received almost 100 photos from guys but not a single woman sent in hers. We know there are many female tattoo fans so come on and show us!  We'll create a special photo galelry just for you! 

Check out our other member photo albums!

Tattooed Guys

Mirror, mirror...

Mirror, mirror...Part 2