True Dating Confessions: Meet Me At The Pool


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What's the strangest place you ever did the deed and how/why there?

"I was 24. He said he was 21. Blond, blue eyes, tight little body, amazing washboard abs. We met at the public swimming pool in Salt Lake City, where he was a swim instructor. He had just got finished teaching a lesson, then he called me at home.

“Meet me at the family changing room.” he said. Young very closeted Mormon man finally ready to go show me how much he really cares about me.

I was supposed to go meet my friend to pick him up and take him to the auto repair shop where his car was being repaired. I canceled on him. My friend was furious till I explained the situation. Then, he became very supportive knowing how long I’d been hoping to hook up with the “hot young Mormon swimmer.” (Gay friends can be so giving!) He ended up walking.

827944 So I swung by the pharmacy to get “safe” equipment (lube and condoms). I went to the swimming pool. He was there, as were his boss and colleagues. We had to be very careful. We each entered the family changing room separately. It was the only room you could lock. We left the lights off. It was pitch dark. We blindly groped and finally did it standing up, me pushing him against the tiled wall. We each exited that changing room carefully and singly.

That was the strangest place I ever did the deed."

--"Michael", Salt Lake City, UT

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