AussieBum Provides Eco-Hot Gear for Your Junk

By: Brodie

Want something sexy and green for your banana hammock? One ingenious Australian underwear line has just the thing for you hot hippies!

The inspired designers of AussieBum underoo’s have created “a world first in underwear ... made from the weave of the bark from the banana tree, and soft organic cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort, with an eco-friendly flavour that will keep you coming back for seconds.”

What exactly are the surprising benefits from these new organic-origin underpants?

Well, these eco-friendly men’s underwear are made from 27% banana fiber, 64% cotton, and 9% Lycra. The resulting briefs are not only lightweight but also absorbent. Wear these and even after a sweaty summer night of dancing, you won’t have to worry about salty balls, and neither will your partner.

With their cute cut and bright whites, the AussieBum collection is a win for you and him!