Get It Right: Geovanny Underwear for a Deal


For anyone who likes ‘em classically handsome (think Cary Grant) prepare to feast your eyes on one of Unzipped magazine's finest: Geovanny.

 More than just a pretty face, this chiseled tall drink of water also designs seriously flirty underwear.

Lucky us: Geovanny’s a giver and he’s offering a special discount to all his Planet Out and admirers.

GeoUnderVisit and you can receive 30% off your purchases when you enter the coupon code unzipped2010 between now and March 31. From briefs and square cuts to a sexy jock he calls the Gavinator, Geovanny’s underwear lines feature innovative designs that are built for comfort, style, and maximum presentation of your junk. “For one line I designed a pattern for the pouch in front. I call it the power pouch,” the dashing designer shares. “It’s ribbed on the outside and shaped so that your balls and your dick fall down into it. It provides support like a push-up bra.”

The thoughtful designer even offers some briefs that can boost your derriere even on a guy with out much there. Those lacking in the back can try Geovanny’s Alexander briefs. “It has stitching on the back, which points down on both cheeks to enhance your butt visually,” he explains. “Whether you have an ass or not, when you wear the underwear it catches your eye and makes it look really good. I think it’s very unique.”

Like what you see? You can see even more glorious Geovanny in the March issue of Unzipped.

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