Hot Property: Calza & Effect

By: Joe Thompson

Alessandro Calza is one of the sexiest men alive: muscular, naturally hairy, and evoking the kind of hyper masculinity that gay guys eat up. So needless to say, we've been a fan for a while. Then last year he had a gay film come out named Ciao, about an unlikely trans-continental friendship between a dead man's ex-lover and his sexy Italian Internet buddy.

What? Our gay crush does a gay scene? I'm in! (And out. And in. And out...)

So what's this Italian Stallion got to say for himself? Check it out.

Ciao, Baby

Alessandro Calza chats about his film debut,his hunky costar, and taking hot pictures of himself.

“I’m not really the kind of person who spends a lot of time naked,” says Alessandro Calza. “I’m actually a very shy person. I’m one of those guys who never takes his shirt off when he goes to a nightclub. I’m very reserved.”

Calza’s confession may come as a shock to anyone who’s visited the hot Italian’s website, where the graphic designer and sometime actor posts gallery upon gallery of photos of himself in various states of undress. But Calza insists his naughty pics are simply a means to an end: “I started the study a long time ago to see where I am at at a physical level,” he explains. “It’s a good way to monitor my progress. The photography is a digital front-end of my persona. I tend to go for nudity because I don’t like fashion and the idea of transforming yourself for clothing. Also, the body speaks for itself.” 

Indeed. The photos on Calza’s site reveal him to be quite the hunk. Whether he’s flexing nude and bathed in sunlight or posing in shadow in a jockstrap, Calza demonstrates a sensual appreciation of his own body. “I am very interested in finding a way to present the male figure, but in a different way. There is a lot of stuff out there that is very similar. I know that people won’t look at your stuff unless there is a sexual appeal, but my work is mostly to find a different way to do so in a way that’s not just sexual.”

The same can be said of Calza’s film debut in Ciao. Playing an Italian man who flies to Dallas to meet the best friend of the deceased man he’d been having an Internet romance with, Calza, who cowrote the script, brings subtle shades of brooding sensuality to the role. “I tried to bring realism to the character,” he says. “There are a lot of stereotypes of how Italians are, and I don’t think many Americans have a clear idea of what an Italian is like. We’re not all Antonio Sabato Jr.”

The movie gave Calza a chance to spread his wings a bit. “I’m just trying to explore all my interests,” he says. “I like challenges, and making a movie in the States was definitely a challenge.” It also gave him a chance to explore one of his other interests. “I have a special thing for men from California and Texas,” he says. “I think Americans are very exotic in the same way that Italians are exotic for Americans.” Sadly, Calza’s straight costar, hunky and hairy Adam Neal Smith, wasn’t looking to explore any of his own horizons. “It was interesting working with a straight guy, because you sort of feel like you’re taking advantage of a situation. I was into it, but at the same time I had this sort of, like, embarrassment for enjoying something that I knew the other actor wasn’t enjoying as much as I was. Still, he was a very good kisser.”
With his debut behind him, Calza says he’s open to doing another movie. “There’s a saying that you cannot actually do just one movie—you gotta do two,” he says. “Making a movie is not just fun, it’s a lot of work. But I think it’s an experience I would like to try again.”


Photos by Alessandro Calza

Article from Unzipped, September 2009. Written by Ken Knox.