SheWired Invites You to Get in Sam Vitez’s Pants


If you ever wanted a hot blond British rock star for your very own dress-up doll, SheWired has just the thing for you!

Rough Duchess lead singer Sam Vitez is shockingly sexy onstage.

But behind the scenes, the adorable pixie with an accent needs a little help picking the right outfit to rock at her next show.

You can watch her fun, flirty (and admittedly gratuitous) fashion show on SheWired, then vote for your favorite outfit. 

As if you needed more enticement, Vitez’s costumes are consist of fishnets, lace, Louboutin heels, and little else. Oh, save some trusty neon boob tape!

Vitez will don the winning outfit for a gig at Sunset Boulevard’s famed Cat Club March 13 when Rough Duchess co-headlines with Shitting Glitter.

TELL US: What’s your wildest outfit, piece, or accessory? What do you wear when you want to look like a rock star?

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