Frank’n’Beans Friday: Pit Stop

By: Frank Lopez

Ah, men... there’s so much to love. This week, we continue our Friday tradition of idolizing the best male specimens of physical perfection, one body part at a time.

Already explored and presented for your visual pleasures are the best bulges, rumps, arms and the particularly provocative ‘V to the P’.

Today, we make a hot Pit Stop. Yes, that’s right, it’s all about sexy armpits. Admit it: the look, the hair (not crazy Euro-bush; just enough), and even that sexy man musk can get some guys going. When you’re close to a hot guy his pits can be a surprisingly erogenous area with aphrodisiac qualities. Get some weekend wonderful a little early and enjoy the sexiest celebs who make this an extra hot pit stop.

Eddie Cibrian

Jake Gyllenhaal


Jared Padalecki


LL Cool J


Matthew McConaughey


Hayden Christensen


Sean Faris


Julia Roberts-- oh, no. She's just sporting man-amounts of underarm hair. My bad.


Matthew Fox


Justin Timberlake


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