Frank’n’Beans Friday: The V to the P

By: Frank Lopez

Ken doll hips. Hot crevices. Cut lines. The gruffudd (um, never heard that one, but I guess if you say so Urban Dictionary).  The V that directs your eye down to the P.

What do you call those insanely sexy indents along in-shape men’s hips? For this installment of Frank’n’Beans, the weekly celebration of smoking-hot celebrities, one bodacious body part at a time, we’ve come to a sexy favorite for gym rats and cut cuties: the sexy indent where ripped abdominals meet taut lower tummy and continue down to the pelvic area.

This is one instance where words will never do justice to the photographs. So without further ado, I present several celebrities with V’s to the P’s hot enough to ignite your screen. Get your mind (and your libido) warmed up for a flirty weekend with these sexy celebs.

Ryan Kwanten

Brad Pitt


Channing Tatum

Ryan Reynolds EW CoverNormal_RyanReynolds

Ryan Reynolds


Taylor Kitsch


Ryan Phillippe


Kellan Lutz


Ned Flanders (yellow abs never looked so sexy!)


Reichen Lehmkuhl


The Jersey Shore guys (with photographer Terry Richardson, center)



Images: GayTrix

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