Dear Dick: Hypnotized and Metallic Chompers


It's another two-letter-day at Dear Dick. The first covers a hypnotic date, and the second involves safety with braces. Enjoy.

Dear Dick,
Is it possible to be sexually hypnotized by someone? I’ve met a guy who makes me so horny that I will literally do anything he asks. Whenever we finish having sex, I realize that once again he’s gotten me to do things I never wanted to do before, things I vowed I’d never try, and I wonder if it’s good for me to be under someone’s spell like this so completely. I don’t feel guilty or like I’ve been used, but I worry that I’ll go too far.


Dear Pennotized,
Let him be the boss. Why not? All you have to worry about are the following dangerous practices:

1. Barebacking. If he wants you to do that, then you need to get unpennotized very quickly and make him put on a condom. (Dear Dick is just guessing here, but your question makes you sound like a bottom.)

2. Actual physical injury. Rough sex and stuff like bondage or being dominated is fine. But real physical harm is likely to put you into the hospital, and no one wants that. Besides, you’d have to explain to your insurance carrier that your broken arm was due to gay sex. Embarrassing!

3. Partying. The appeal of drug use has always eluded Dear Dick. Everyone else seems to think drugs are so much fun. But in reality, they just cloud your judgment, and before you know it you’re letting a dozen guys use your butt. Bad idea.

Gummi Dear Dick,
I just got adult braces on my teeth. Can I still safely have oral sex? My stupid joker friends tell me that I’m going to have to cover them with those candy Gummi bears if I want to avoid ripping my mouth (or the other guy) to pieces. Please give me some helpful advice.

Metal Mouth

Dear Mouth,
Your friends are funny. But they’re also right—sort of.

Your orthodontist probably provided you with some of that wax that people use to keep their braces from scraping up the inside of their mouths. Use it. It will cut down on risk to both you and whatever man is brave enough to use your mouth.

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Dick_ProfilePic Dear Dick isn't a doctor of any kind, but he has a great chest. He's also pretty good with dishing out advice to the people— and since you keep sending in your letters, we have to think you like him, too. Thanks for that.

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