Frank’n’Beans Friday: A Sexy Set of Shoulders

By: Frank Lopez

Welcome to our weekly superficial support of hot men. Sometimes we are into the pro athlete bulges; other times we focus on cute butts or burly biceps. Sometimes things get a little kinky and we visually exploit sexy celebrity V’s to the P or hairy chests, and we even made a sweaty pit stop.

Today is just a simple, time-honored trait of an attractive man: a nice broad, defined set of shoulders. Ohhh, I shudder at the thought. Who doesn’t like nuzzling up to a pair of perfectly firm, strong shoulders when you’re having a sultry session between the sheets. Or grip them from be-- You know what?

Let’s let the best shoulders of the stars speak for themselves. Your imagination can do the rest.

Zac Efron-- So nice we picked him twice! [Image 1 and 2]

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Paul Walker [Image]


Wilson Cruz [Image]


Christian Bale [Image]


Djimon Hounsou [Image]


Ryan Reynolds [Image]


Mehcad Brooks [Image]

Stretch Armstrong

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