Frank’n’Beans Friday: Sexy Hair

By: Frank Lopez

Welcome to another edition of Frank'n'Beans Friday. We've delighted in the best of pro athlete bulges; the beloved boys with cute butts and then it was burly biceps. Sometimes things get a little kinky and we visually exploit sexy celebrity V’s to the P or hairy chests, and we even made a sweaty pit stop. Last time it was a personal favorite of mine: the classic broad set of shoulders.

Today we kick off the weekend with a review of the most luscious locks. Whether it's crazy curls, shaggy scruff or shiny and perfectly coiffed, great hair truly makes an attractive man the perfect 10. It's the yummy cherry on top of a gorgeous-guy-sundae.  

Check out the hottest heads of hair in Hollywood below.

Adam Lambert

Jon Hamm and his dapper Mad Men double Don Draper. [Via]


Patrick Dempsey- McDreamy's magic is in the hair. [Via]

Ashton-kutcherShrt Ashton

Ashton Kutcher- Short or long, he can't go wrong.


The Jonas Brothers [Via]


Robert Pattinson- Will Twi-Hards like the new cropped 'do? [Via]


Brent Corrigan


Chace Crawford

Matt-morrison Glee-puck

Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and Puck (Mark Salling) of Glee. [Via]


Snooki- the poof speaks for itself. Seriously, who is doing drag as this chick? [Via]

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