Let's Get Physical... with Dixie Carter!

By: Winston Gieseke

With Pride season coming up, we all want to look our best. And while those shirtless parade days are practically around the corner, it's not too late to get into better shape.

No need to hire a personal trainer. Thanks to the Internet, you can work out with your favorite celebrities! After all, celebrities have the best bodies. So let's take some tips from the best.

Before her recent passing, Dixie Carter brought us so much joy. But did you know that in 1992 she also brought us her riveting "Unworkout" video? It's no wonder she looked sensational until the end. Combining yoga and dance with deep breathing, Dixie's personal recipe for health is a must-watch! Check it out after the jump.

And remember, you may not always have time for a full workout, but a little is better than nothing. So if you don't have the two minutes and seventeen seconds necessary to watch this entire clip, skip ahead to 1:40. You'll be so glad you did.