Let's Get Physical... with Dolph Lundgren!

By: Frank Mills

Dolph Lundgren is one of those celebrities that I wish would have a sex tape "stolen" from his house and posted on the Internet. But clearly the Masters of the Universe star is either too smart for that or not desperate enough.

Which is good for him, bad for us.

I'm afraid the closest we can get to seeing Dolph's hunkalicious 6-foot-3 body work up a sweat is in his 1993 exercise video, Maximum Potential: The Workout.

Seriously, this thing is like a Bruce Weber shoot.

In the opening section, Dolph tells us (in a soothing voice that lets us know it's OK that we're nowhere near as hot as he is and never will be) that the purpose of the warm-up is to stretch the muscles and ligaments.

WRONG! The real purpose of the warm-up is to give us a slow-motion-camera-spinning 360˚ view of his incredibly buff—and shirtless—upper body.

In the Body Sculpting section, Dolph shows us how to strengthen our legs. And one look at his gams in those tight shorts tells me the guy knows what he's talking about.

Then the squats begin and all I can do is pray for the camera to cut to a rear view so we can check out Dolph's backside as he does them. And then, as if my wish were his command, we cut. And I'm in heaven.

Maximum Potential looks like a great way to burn fat, develop muscle tone, stay flexible, and all that important stuff. But truth be told, I can't imagine anyone actually working out to it. Not because it's bad or because it contains ineffective exercises but because it's virtually impossible to take your eyes off Dolph's gigantic hotness. Why strive for perfection when you can just stare at it?