Dear Dick: On Vacation


You guys really love Dear Dick. It's one of the Daily sections with the most visitors and the most comments.

Unfortunately, even Dear Dick needs a vacation now and then, which is why there was no Tuesday post. The upside to this is that he's undoubtedly spreading seeds and sewing oats as you read this—all in the name of research so that he has the kind of experience needed to answer your letters. He's a giver like that.

Some of you may not have known that there's a whole Dear Dick section on, or you may have missed a couple of his entries. So in the spirit of continuing education, we created this post with Dear Dick's 10 most popular entries so that you could see if you missed one of them.

Read on...

1. Butt What if It Hurts?
Our most recent post features a young reader who is super scared of anal sex, so he turns to Dear Dick to help out.

2. Porn in the U.S.A.
A reader is frustrated by with his boyfriend's need to watch porn while they have sex. Dear Dick grabs the remote and zaps him with some thoughts.

Colton_ford_blake_harper_1_20030421_12684073713. Getting Too Much Sex?
This double-entry asks two questions: Should you hide your sex life from your friends? And can personal pleasure make your hands shake? Dear Dick knows the truth.

4. A Tattooed Tale
A tattooed and pierced young guy has a tough time meeting men. Should he change his ways or keep his colorful ways?

5. Playing Dress Up
A guy who was into leather and latex discovered something surprising with his first trick—that he's not into the kinky sex he associates with that kind of gear. Fortunately, Dear Dick is hear to calm his fears.

6. A Very Special Dear Dick
Justin is 18, newly out, and has a hard time meeting men. He worries that it's his fault. So Dear Dick becomes his gay mentor and helps the young lad work through the issues.Colton_ford_blake_harper_22_20030421_1689880526

7. Like a Virgin...
An older reader has been approached by a 19 year old stud to help him lose his gay virginity. Should the gentleman accept or not?

8. Public Displays of Gayffection
So these exhibitionists are at a party and they start doing it in front of other people. Should they be applauded or no? Dear Dick has some thoughts.

9. The Age Old Question
In the reverse of "Like a Virgin...", a young buck wonders if he should date an older man, only in this case Dear Dick sees a bigger issue beyond the age gap.

10. Fix My Teeny Weenie
A reader with a small tool wants to know if silicone injections are the way to go. Fortunately, Dear Dick has slept with someone who did this, and is happy to tell the tale.

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