Frank ‘N’ Beans: Best Retro Butts

By: Frank Lopez

Since one of the most popular Frank ‘N’ Beans ever focused on an obvious beloved body part of gay men the world round: cute butts. I decided I wanted to do another series devoted to celebrities with the best assets around to please you guys.

But, or an extra twist in our sexy fun, this time, it’s an all flashback edition of Frank ’N’ Beans. We’ll be objectifying the sex symbols of yesteryear and checking out photos of the stars of the 70’s and 80’s from the prime.

Bring on the hottest retro rears!


Christopher Atkins



Tom Selleck


David Hasselhoff


Burt Reynolds


Billy Dee Williams

John Travolta

Scott_baio Scott Baio48

Scott Baio


Harrison Ford


Tony Danza

Check out all the Frank 'n' Beans sexy men:

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