Frank’N’Beans: Best Business Packages

By: Frank Lopez

So, there’s this little show premiering it’s newest season at 10PM July 25th on AMC, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called Mad Men. In addition to being one of the most gripping and painstakingly perfectly crafted dramas on television (or compared to movies, just ask any fan), the drinking, cheating, advertising men on the show just look so foxy in their proper 60's suits everyday.

In honor of the devastatingly hot Don Draper (played by the most gorgeous man around, Jon Hamm) and his crisp suits, check out the best business packages we’ve ever seen. These suits are cut so fine and cling to these handsome men just right; who says you have to show everything to be sexy?!

James Franco


Ryan Reynolds


Jon Hamm


Zac Efron


Daniel Craig




Neil Patrick Harris

Chuck2 Chuckbass2

Ed Westwick (as his Gossip Girl character, Chuck Bass)

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