Hot Property: You Can Mesh with Me

By: Joe Thompson

Mckillop Brand U/W (the "U/W" stands for "underwear") was established in 2009 by designer Ryan McKillop. At first glance, his pouches and jocks remind one of garments he would find in International Male catalogs from decades ago, with their slinky mesh fabric, bright colors, and obvious erotic appeal.

But McKillop U/W is so much more than a flimsy piece of fabric to fantasize over.


While one does feel supremely sexy in these pieces thanks to the revealing fabric and skilled sewing that pushes one's package into the spotlight, the underwear is also very well made. It offers the support most guys want, while offering the freedom of movement one normally experiences when going commando. In a sense, it offers the best of both worlds.

The success stems from McKillop's own story: he was working in fashion, not too excited about making women's evening wear, and when he couldn't find a pair of briefs that fit his own needs he designed a pair for himself. He loved them, and when his friends reacted favorably to their look and feel, he realized he was onto something big (pun totally intended).

His underwear line launches, often done at popular clubs, offer the perfect blend of fashion, club scene fever, theatricality, drama and, of course, smoking hot sexiness. Find out how you can attend one below.












Find out more about McKillup U/W and their fashion shows at, on their blog at, on twitter @MckillopUW, or their Facebook fan page Mckillop U/W Underwear Company Page.