Top 10 Reasons WhyMontreal Is the Sexiest City

By: Rick Andreoli

The videos are beginning to arrive for the Queer of the Year contest being held in Montreal this summer. And if you are still sitting on the fence on whether or not to create an entry video, here are 10 reasons why you’ll want to get your gay ass to Montreal!

Montreal_Summer1. That Sexy French Accent
Although Montreal is melting pot of ethnicities, there is no doubt that the French language deeply penetrates the city’s culture. Come and let some French-ness penetrate you.

2. The Summer
People often think that Canada is all igloos and
dogsleds. Well we actually push the mercury past 95° F in July and
August. This leads to a lot of sweaty, topless people who want to savor
every last moment of summer.

Gabriel-aubry-3003. Gabriel Aubry
This sexy Daddy (right) was born and raised in Montreal. Come
tap into that gene pool.

4. The Parties
Between annual events such as Black & Blue, Bal en
Blanc and La Grand Danse, and all those steamy nights in the gay
village, we’ve got partying down to an arousing art form.

5. The Olympic Stadium
We’re not size queens, but Montreal does have the biggest inclined shaft in the world. Take a ride on that one.

Wayne 6. BIXI
Can a community bike-share system be sexy? We think so.
Especially when the rider is a hot businessman in a classic Italian

Cirque 7. Cirque du Soleil
Born and raised in Montreal, this nouveau approach to circus is the cultivation of human physical potential. Toned bodies and flexibility puts the tightie in everyone’s whities.

8. Misstress Barbara
One of the top DJs in the world is from Montreal. She’s also a sexy vixen.

9. Strippers
When it comes to erotic dancers in Montreal, nothing is left to the imagination. With their cirque du soleil inspired pole moves, our peelers are eager to take off their bottoms to tantalize tourists.

10. Montreal Pride
With equal parts leather and lace, there is
something quite Latin and sensual about our pride party. Lots of
costumes, lots of skin and loads of hotties.

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