Meet the Queer of the Year Finalists

By: Rick Andreoli

The Queer of the Year competition is in its final stage, and next week marks a ton of exciting, fun and hilarious challenges for the five finalists. The challenges are based on five topics—healthy lifestyle, personality, sex appeal, community outreach and talent— and no, we're not telling you any more than that.

But trust us, they're pretty genius.

These five gorgeous guys will be put through their paces, and those challenges will be shot so that you can watch all the fun. Videos will be shown on and on the Queer of the Year site so you can keep up with the action. And once all those challenges are complete, one lucky man will win the title at Montreal Gay Pride on August 15th.

So who are the sexy studs?

Nathan Nathan Gilligan
Phoenix, Arizona
24 years old

OFFICIAL BIO: Nathan believes in karma and has a big heart for those who need it. He has a secret desire to play cupid. Not just for his own whims, but to vanquish negative attitudes from others and even help people love themselves.

Corey Corey Vautour
Fredericton, New-Brunswick
21 years old

OFFICIAL BIO: Corey melts at the sound of a violin, piano or that wonderful L-word. His most embarrassing moment, unlike regrettable Facebook photos, was innocent enough: mistaking the paper-boy for a burglar in the middle of the night at a friend's cottage. There's always more than meets the eye with Corey.

Blake Blake Spence
Calgary, Alberta
27 years old

OFFICIAL BIO: Although admittedly a little clumsy, Blake makes up for it with some sexy moves to dance hall music or his latest favourite album by Kelis. When he's not practicing his moves or keeping fit, Blake is busy coordinating the male sexual health program at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre and volunteering in the community.

Sean Sean Horlor
Vancouver, British-Columbia
29 years old

OFFICIAL BIO: Sean's personal ambition both drives and scares him at the same time. His curious nature has helped him to try new things like traveling to China and learning how to cook. If you came to dinner, Sean would tantalize your taste buds with butternut squash halved, baked and stuffed with curried chicken & fresh greens. Sean will love Montreal.

Travis Travis Mullenix
Los Angeles, California
21 years old

OFFICIAL BIO: When Travis wakes up, the first thing he's thinking about is his art. What art, you ask? Well, Travis is a clothing designer, painter, performance artist and lover of turtles. No seriously, he even built a pond for them. His role models are epic, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, especially his work for the movie Fifth Element.

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