WATCH: Queer of the Year Day 4”Drag Queen Spice”

By: Brodie

The five finalists got to sleep in before meeting in the Plateau, an artistic chic Montreal ‘hood, for their next mission. It’s already been a long journey just arriving in Montreal, cooking up some fun in the kitchen, and modeling in one very successful sexy photo shoot. But now comes the greatest test yet. For the talent portion of this battle, the finalists will have to get super spicy in a drag performance for a huge Pride crowd.

Put on some really high heels as we separate the men from the boys in our recap of the latest QOTY video:

 •Yesterday’s winner Travis knows this isn’t about comfort; it’s about beauty. He squeezes into too-small cheetah print pumps because “they match my pants.” That’s right! As the great Ru says, ‘you better work.’

•When famed Montreal drag performer Michel Dorion asks what else would 5 girls perform… they practically shriek: “Spice Girls!” Drag force 5!

Drag2• First shock: beefy Blake has been around the drag block before, and he loves him some Spice Girls. Could he be this drag race’s dark horse?

• Ah, the QOTY keeps it real and documents the de-fuzzing of the merry men. Shave it!

•I won’t spoil who wins based on crowd applause, but Blake had my vote for his Posh stage presence and David Beckham bedroom shout out!

•Corey’s energy as Sporty is adorable and Sean is definitely bringing the Scary spice to the table. Clearly each of these guys is in it to win it.

Next time it’s a battle of the brawn in a gay triathlon to focus on healthy living. The contestants all appear to be in top shape so it should be a close one...

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