Watch: Queer of the Year Final Rounds “Drama, Butts and Gay Glory”

By: Brodie

The Queer of the Year has been named but not before the competition got fun, fierce and a little ugly.

We’ve got a full recap to go along day 5 and 6 videos.

Plus: the winner is crowned!!

StretchCompetition heated up as the contest’s finale approached. At Day 5’s “Gay Triathlon,” the fab five finalists had to kayak, paddle-boat and rollerblade to best the other boys at Montreal’s beautiful Lachine canal.

Some high points from the sporting round: 

• Host Daniel Baylis outfit is Olivia Newton-John-tastic as he rouses the tired competitors shouting, “Let’s get physical!”

• Fitness experts say always warm up! This means, boys in shorts... Stretching.

SloMo• Check the drama: It seems ambitious showgirl Naomi, I mean Nathan gave Vancouver delight Sean a shove into the canal. Travis is happy to give all the details in a gossip girl manner.

 • Blake is not so into catty on the other hand. Oh, Blake, you’ll never get to the top of this contest that way, But I am beginning to think he’d make a great boyfriend. Call me!

QOTY cameras get all Baywatch slo-mo (in the best way!) as the weary men unwind at at the Storm spa’s pool.

Carwash For the final challenge, community service is the name of the game with a philanthropic car wash to benefit Montreal gay Pride. This means sudsy, soaking wet stripped-down desperate candidates in the final haul.

A few other best bites from the 6th and final heat:

• Prettiest Signage Award goes to Travis who is clearly the only gay in the group that inherited the crafty touch.

• Like any good car wash scene, there’s plenty of wet and wild water play and the classic soak the unsuspecting host moment!

• Big Gay Twist: This time, a peer evaluation decides the winner of this crucial last challenge.

• Pay close attention to Nathan’s face when the winner is announced; he is pissed! This competition is getting cut-throat!

• The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! Find out who came out on top to be named Montreal’s Queer of the Year:

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