Eye Candy: Candicorn

By: Michael Matson

A candicorn is a rare and disputed creature, sightings of which have been reported in the forests of Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Like the Loch Ness monster and jackalopes, photos of candicorns have been captured over the years, but are almost always written off as hoaxes. Even these pristine images of a young candicorn buck, shot by photographer Glenn Peter Perez, have been met with skepticism.

The horn of a candicorn is said to consist of an edible substance, with a consistency and taste similar to peanut brittle. Legend has it that the horn is also similar to the tail of some lizards, which will grow back after broken off. Dozens of hikers, who were lost in the woods for extended periods of time, claim to have awoke with a detached candicorn horn on their chest, which they ate to stay alive. Although medical professionals have attributed these reports as hallucinations caused by hunger, they cannot explain how the individuals were able to bypass malnutrition without some sort of nutritional supplement.

While we may never be able to prove the actual existence of candicorns, we feel a certain sense of peace with the belief that they are out there, helping campers and hikers who have lost their way.

Photo: Glenn Peter Perez/Blackfox