Let’s Get Physical...with Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

By: Frank Mills

OK, I'll admit that title was a little misleading.

The video we’re working out to this week is actually titled Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance featuring Cheryl and Maksim. But the only reason to pop it into your DVD player, in my opinion, is to watch Maksim shake it.

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

This Ukrainian import has sexiness written all over him. And watching him move tends to get me all hot and bothered. Which, frankly, makes this is a terrible workout.

Sure, you’re sweating, but you’re not actually burning any calories because all you’re doing is staring at Maks and wishing he’d take his shirt off. At least that was my experience. The only thing that got a workout while I was watching this was my hand...

51kHJEX1Q+L._SS500_ ...From rewinding, pervs!

Actually, this DVD makes perfect sense because dancing is an excellent and fun way to sculpt and strengthen your muscles. I mean, who has a better body than a dancer? Case in point: Maksim has a really hot body and he’s a dancer! At one point he does a one-legged pushup and it’s drool-worthy.

Another bonus feature to this workout is that, unlike the dancing on Dancing with the Stars, this can be done solo, without a parter.

(Apropos of nothing, why do so many of the dancers on DWTS have perfectly normal names with super weird spellings? Maks gets a break because he’s foreign. And because he’s super hot. But what’s Kym and Chelsie’s excuse? I think at one point there was an Ashly, too. I don’t get it. You don’t see me going by Phrrrranck, do you? No. Because that would be stupid.)

And OK, while we're being honest here, Maks isn’t the only one helping you dance those pounds away. On Latin Dance Cardio he shares the spotlight with fellow DWTS pro Cheryl Burke—who, thankfully, doesn’t spell her name Sharuhl. Check her out.

As for the video itself, it’s pretty easy to follow. I mean, it’s dancing. They show you the moves and then you do them. How hard could it be? And I suppose if you’re actually following the steps it could provide a good core workout. Because shaking your groove thang to the cha-cha, meringue, mambo, and samba is bound to burn some cals, right? Of course, you could also trim your waistline with the power of dance simply by turning on music and boogieing freestyle in your living room.

Which brings me back to my original point that this DVD is all about Maksim. He’s super hot. Here’s another picture of him shirtless.

Maksim2Photo: ABC.com