This Kink Is Slick

By: Rick Andreoli


Words by Michael Andersen
Photos by Aaron Cobbett

Traditionally, fetish gear falls into two categories: leather and latex. Now there’s another option for the boys who want to be wrapped and strapped like a kinky Christmas present—Slick It Up.

Picture 4 “It costs a fortune to get something made in leather that fits right because it has zero drape or stretch,” explains David Mason, fetish wear designer and founder of Slick It Up. “Latex I just never worked with because I don’t like the smell and all the toxic glues.”

Established in 2004, Slick It Up is one of the hottest stops on the Internet for guys who not only want to look great while they’re being flogged, but like to look at hot porn stars in sexy, form-fitting, junk-accentuating gear while they shop. A quick tour of the Slick It Up website offers up everything from ultra-revealing net “Gladiator Pants” and “Assassin” hoods to skintight, superhero-esque “Shredder Suits.” Most look like shiny, naughty plastic, and the suits and pants make even the flattest booty look like you do tons of squats. And those back door zippers! Very “All Deliveries In the Rear.”

So, if not leather or latex, just what creates those shiny, skintight fashions? That 1980s standby: spandex. “With spandex you get a perfect fit. I’m also a child of the ’80s, when spandex was king. Chippendales, WWF, ’80s bodybuilders, they all served it in spandex and I’m very thankful for that,” says Mason. Because the Slick Suits are made of a more pliable fabric, they don’t stretch out of shape and they’re easy to maintain—just wash them in warm water in the sink, then fold them up when they’re dry. Also, because they’re soft and stretchy on the inside, you don’t have to powder your bum to get in and out like you do with latex products.

Slick Slick It Up delivers not just delicious, butt-hugging Slick Suits and accessories, but a sense of humor as well. Check out über-masculine porn star François Sagat in a pink “Candy Thong,” or the hooded slave licking the hood ornament on a Rolls Royce. “It’s all role play,” Mason observes. “Don’t tell me you live a ‘spandex lifestyle’ or I’ll puke on you. I’m all for wearing a pink slingshot thong one day and then a latex-look bodysuit the next. I like to have fun.”

When asked what makes his net suits different from fishnet, Mason says, “Well it’s technically not fishnet [because] it’s a heavier weight and wider net. But yes, I call the products made in the net material ‘Gladiator this’ and ‘Gladiator that’ because it does harken back to the chain mail armor gladiators wore, but it also butches it up from a standard fishnet, which just reads as ‘lady.’”

As far as the designs, Mason draws deep from the pop culture well for inspiration. “My sexual formative experiences as a child came from Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ video, Skeletor, G.I. Joe, and Grace Jones. What was a guy supposed to do?” And the ass-revealing zippers on the backside of many pieces? “I like to keep my customers happy.”

A side benefit of fetish gear that is neither leather nor latex is no animal-cruelty or environment concerns factoring into the production of the garment. Which means vegans can wear the “Sarcophagus” to that Earth Day Fetish Ball, for instance. When asked if there might be some anti-animal abuse or pro-environment angle to his use of spandex, Mason laughs and says, “I’d love to say I was being altruistic with my business, but I’m not. I just get off on a beefy butt in a trashy thong.”


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