Let's Get Physical... with Angela Lansbury!

By: admin

From her Tony-award winning turn as everyone’s favorite Auntie in Mame to your grandparents’ favorite small town crime fighter in Murder, She Wrote, English-born Angela Lansbury is an American treasure.

After an amazing career that’s spanned a whopping seven decades, you’d expect her to have picked up many valuable tips for positive living.

And she has.

Enter Angela’s contribution to the VHS workout craze of the ’80s, Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves: A Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being at Any Age. Filmed in and around her Hollywood home and released in 1988, Positive Moves shows us Angela’s upbeat and wonderfully positive approach to exercise and diet.

While it's a great concept, this video is not for everyone. In fact, after quickly realizing that I’m nowhere near the target audience, I tried my best to watch with an open mind. It wasn't always easy. For example, I couldn’t help feeling a bit like a peeping tom when confronted with scenes showing the then-63-year-old Angela in and out of the tub. And I found myself jamming my fingers deep into my ear canals and going “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” at the top of my lungs in the hopes of drowning out her discussion of how, contrary to popular belief, women don’t lose interest in sex after menopause.

Beyond these few uncomfortable moments, however, Positive Moves is pure delight. Just like Ms. Lansbury herself. Whether she’s doing her “on land swimming” (a virtual breaststroke she does with her arms in the air), eating a sandwich, washing her Mercedes, or riding a bike—which she says you never forget how to do, even though you may forget how much you enjoy it—she remains the beautiful, classy, and genuine star we’ve always loved her for being.

She’s so down to earth, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that she’s an Academy Award nominated actress and winner of several Tonys and Golden Globes. During the exercise portion I got so caught up in watching her sprawled out on the floor doing her favorite stretch that for a second I thought she was the "I’ve fallen and I can’t get up" lady.

Angela takes you through several graceful routines designed to improve balance and posture. She even does a very Tai Chi-like dance in her backyard. While it looks a little goofy, it probably provides relief to persons with arthritis or those who want to improve their flexibility.

But no matter what she does, she remains a beautiful, classy lady who just wants you to be “a woman of loveliness and dignity.” Which is exactly how I see her. Thanks, Angela!

And thanks to Gay.com Daily reader Robin for turning us on to this fantastic video treasure.