Let's Get Physical... with George Foreman!


The first time I heard of George Foreman was when my dad—well aware of my aversion to cooking—bought me a George Foreman grill for Christmas. It was kind of cool looking and I thought, Who is this guy? And why on earth does he have a grill named after him?

I figured he was that year’s Ron “But wait, there’s more!” Popeil. But it turned out he was a boxing champ from the 1970s. (By the way, the Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine was totally awesome. And it turned out i wasn't the only thing Mr. Foreman had blessed with his name: He has 11 kids, I found out, and all six of his sons are named George.)

Needless to say, his little machine made him a zillion dollars. But evidently all that grilling—even if it’s fat reducing—necessitates that a little exercise be done. Thankfully George thought of everything—except unique names for his sons—which is why we have Walk It Off with George: Circuit Walk.

An indoor walking video? My first thought was that it would simply be lots of marching in place. My second thought was, Why on earth would you want to stare at your TV while walking in place when you could walk outside, see a variety of things, and actually go somewhere?

But Circuit Walking is more than just marching around your living room, and way more fun than getting bitten by a squirrel while pretending to enjoy the great outdoors.

Led by veteran fitness instructor Petra Kolber, this video provides enough bang for your buck—especially if you found it in the dollar bin—to make you glad you bought it.

And unlike Milton Berle, George actively participates in this workout that bears his (and his sons’) name(s). Not only does he share his adorable smile and lovable nature—I really can’t picture this teddy bear punching somebody’s lights out—he gives motivational comments and affirming "you-can-do-it!"s throughout.

The program begins with your basic aerobic warm-up, which includes knee lifts, heel taps, and something called the George shuffle. At this point, of course, I’m thinking: For crying out loud, does everything have to be named after George?

But then I decide not to fight it.

By the time you reach the video’s mid-section (a.k.a. George’s mid-section), the workout gets a little more intense. There are lots of George squats and George lunges, which goes on for a full twenty-some minutes until you reach George’s cool down.

Bottom line: George is fun to walk with and this video is a knockout. You’re probably not going to drop 20 Georges by doing this, but you’re sure to have a George time.