True Romance:Monica Pope & Josette Edwards

By: Rick Andreoli

Meet Josette Edwards and Monica Pope. Pope is a world-renowned chef and one of Bravo TV's Top Chef Masters, while Edwards worked in the hospitality industry and often traveled to do relief work in places like Indonesia, Venezuela and Mexico. But when Edwards hosted an event for a number of "celesbians" (famous local lezzies) at t’afia, Pope's restaurant in Houston, Texas, the two hit it off and went on a date.

The only problem?

Pope was immersed in her culinary career and Top Chef Masters was just about to premiere, so she was busier than ever. Plus, she had a daughter to consider in the mix. Meanwhile, Edwards was never a lesbian with "the urge to merge" like many of her friends, so she was taking things slowly. But as you'll see in this exclusive video from and SheWired, the two did connect in big, wonderful ways.

Watch the video and see the story for yourself.

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