Hollywood’s Hottest Presidents

By: Frank Lopez

It’s President’s day and besides observing a welcome three-day-weekend, it’s also a time to appreciate the great leaders that have shaped our country.

In their honor, we decided to appreciate the slightly less hard working, but exponentially hotter, Hollywood actors who have portrayed the powerful President of the United States of America in TV and film. They may not affect public policy, but they certainly make me wanna hail to the chief.

Check out the hottest Hollywood stars to ever play Mr. President on screen and enjoy President’s Day the sexy way!

Harrison Ford: Four words defined his badass presidency in Air Force One, "Get off my plane!"


Martin Sheen: Perhaps the most trusted president ever portrayed on screen, Sheen led the talented team on The West Wing.


Michael Douglas: He danced and dined with Annette Benning in An American President.


Chris Rock: Rock's character is elected president in Head of State. Obviously, hilarity ensues.


Henry Fonda: portraying the sitting president twice, Fonda first appeared in  Fail-Safe (1964)as the President of the United States who tries to avert a nuclear holocaust during the Cold War.


Josh Brolin: Bush never looked better than when Brolin played him in Oliver Stone's W.


Brendan Fraser: Seriously! He did. In Bedazzled!


Kevin Kline: The softer side of the White House showed in his Golden Glob nominated comedy, Dave.


Dennis Quaid: The cutie completely transformed to play Clinton in The Special Relationship.


Will Ferrell: Funny and frightening, his performance of George W. was dead on.


Greg Kinnear: You haven't seen it yet, but Greg did portray John F. Kennedy opposite Katie Holmes in The Kennedys.


Blair Underwood: Sexy Blair can currently be seen making executive decisions on NBC's The Event.


Cherry Jones: The theater star won an Emmy for her role as President Allison Taylor on 24.

Dennis Haysbert_president palmer

Dennis Haysbert: He was a President of action on the kick-ass series 24.


Tom Selleck: He unexpectedly played the role of General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the History Channel's made-for-TV movie Ike: Countdown to D-Day. A Facebook group would like to the the 'stache in office for real.


Bill Clinton: Arguably the hottest ex-Prez, Bubba has a cameo in the upcoming Hangover 2.

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